Standard Pikler Triangle
Standard Pikler Triangle
Standard Pikler Triangle

Standard Pikler Triangle

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Our Pikler Triangle is hand crafted by us. Much love and time goes into each and every single piece that we craft and we take great pride in serving you!

This Triangle pictured is our standard size with 32" legs, natural, unfinished. 

Clear coat can be added for easy cleaning and protection, however, it is not necessary.

All triangles are made to order. Processing time is approximately 2 weeks.

Ramps are available and sold separately.

Please note, our Piklers are now 24" wide, rather than the 31" wide, we have done this to make them more cost effective for you as wood prices have increased drastically over the last year.  

Set up measurements

Standard Pikler Size:

Height 31 1/5"
Width 32"
Length 24"